The X-Yachting Sailing Center in Greece was created by a group of entrepreneurs who love sailing. Our goal is to offer our customers a unique combination of performance sailing and family holidays, in the exact way we would design this for us and our families. High-end performance boats, premium service, and perfect conditions in the picturesque Greek archipelago help us achieve this goal.

In close partnership with the X-Yachts shipyard of Denmark, we offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy all series of their high-end, brand new, luxury performance boats. With full extras, to ensure great sailing, convenience and safety, you can treat yourself to a true high-end X-Yachts experience.
Carefully selected and trained, our team will be by your side from the moment of the booking to your return home, in order to ensure that you get the most out of this experience.
And in case you can’t resist the idea of owning your own X-Yachts boat, our team will guide you to make the right choice between a brand new or a like new second hand boat.



We have all been there. When you are a sailor yourself and you first charter a mainstream charter production boat, with family or friends for a week, there is one nagging  word that haunts you throughout the experience; “compromise”.
The first compromise comes with the sailing performance of the boat, the feeling and confidence it delivers when being behind the helm. Almost all mainstream charter boats are constructed with hand laying building methods, feature undersized riggings, ballast and sail-plans. The majority of these boats are loaded with all sort of unnecessary extra weight for the size of the hull, the weight distribution is clearly not in the mind of the designer and the lack of stiffness from the hull and the steering system is low-end, something that becomes especially apparent when conditions pick up.
The second compromise comes with the comfort on board. The whole mainstream boat design industry is focused around squeezing ten or even twelve people on board in order to make the related charter fee per person attractive. This results in overcrowded boats with uncomfortable cabins which in turn takes away from a truly relaxing experience at sea.
The final compromise relates to the service you get as a visitor before, during and after the charter week. Charter companies prioritize quantity over quality when it comes to their operations. To do so often they pay more attention to shaving costs rather than striving to cater to the particular needs and wishes of the customer. The result is a level of service barely acceptable or sometimes very far from ideal.
Contemplating all the above limitations of the modern charter reality and having in mind a completely different vision for how the charter experience should be, we decided to create the X-Yachting Sailing Center in Greece, the world’s first exclusive X-Yachts charter base, on one of the best sailing arenas in the world!



George Anyfiotis

CEO, Co-Founder

Mechanical Engineer Ms NTUA, RYA Yacht Master Offshore 200gt

George brings a broad experience from a rich entrepreneurial past, having successfully built different companies in engineering-design, technical sales and yacht charter-management field. Having a very strong technical background, he is a very experienced and keen sailor, having worked as full time professional skipper for over a decade in various destinations around the world.



Philip Cotsis

Board Member, Co-Founder

Math degree in US and Economics in University of Athens

Shareholder, founder and member of the board in multiple business ventures, from steel trading to online travel companies, sports teams and internet sports portals. Philip is a visionary, keen, with inspiring core values and motives. He splits his passion between business and sailing, taking any opportunity given to get out cruising with his family and friends.


Nikos Goulis

Board Member, Co-founder

Business Administration degree in the University of Aegean

Founder and CEO of e-Travel SA, has grown the company over the last decade into one of the world’s top ranked online travel agencies. Nikos has a strong background in technology and is currently a shareholder and board member of multiple business ventures. He has been the founding President of the Greek e-Commerce Association. He fell in love with offshore sailing as a student and never stopped spending time on board since then.


Adonis Voutsinos

Base Manager – Lavrio

RYA Yacht Master Offshore 200gt

Adonis is the ever positive, heart driven, natural sea person, you would want to cross the oceans with. Born in the cycladic island of Syros he spend his childhood literally around the sea element and it was then when he started dinghy sailing. He gradually grew into a professional skipper for all sorts of yacht types, having up to today logged many thousands nautical miles for over a decade . He has a strong technical background and on his little free time he races (and wins) the Greek local offshore sailing races.