It is no secret that Greece and the Greek islands offer one of the best sailing venues in the world. All thanks to the perfect blend of beautiful sunny weather, crystal clear water, endless choice of inhabited and uninhabited islands, safe anchorages in private bays, beautiful beaches, small or big ports, picturesque villages, safe seas in terms of currents, sea life and predictable winds, friendly people, good food and unparalleled tradition and history.

By choosing the X-Yachting Sailing Center, the Greek islands become your backyard. It is part of our standard service to provide you with all the necessary local knowledge, tips, highly engineered sailing routes, advice regarding the weather, and live support, in order to help you make the most of your sailing experience.


With 227 inhabited islands and 6000 islands scattered in the Greek seas overall the choices of where to go are practically unlimited. You can sail the area again and again for years and not arrive at the same places. Lots of people have done so, finally deciding to move over here on a permanent basis, even during the winter.

This is a big part of the reason Greece is not only seen as a very friendly country, with amazing beauty and excellent weather but as a ‘Lifetime Sailing Destination’