Uncompromised Sailing Holidays

Bareboat or Skippered charters on brand new X-Yachts

Enjoy the Greek islands with family and friends on one or more of our luxury performance brand new X-Yachts.
High end service with attention to detail combined with the greatest sailing destinations Greece has to offer on one of our fantastic X-Yachts will deliver a big smile on your face and a unforgettable experience. Charters start as a standard from the Olympic Marina in Lavrio, which is just 35min from the Athens International Airport.

We have only one customer: You!

We will tailor make for you an epic sailing holiday package.

According your wishes, the start or end point can vary, our chase rib boat can be provided at your service, beautiful places and excellent food will be recommended, endless things to do can be organised, high end friendly service and the unparalleled authenticity of the Greek islands

“All our X-Yachts are company owned and each one carry 40 years of world class craftsmanship

Safety, Performance, Sea Keeping, Comfort and Built Quality by design.


For everyone regardless of sailing experience. Whether you are a pro-sailor, an occasional sailing enthusiast, a cruising -comfort oriented- sailor travelling with your family or friends, an X-Yachts owner, an X-Yachts fan or a novice sailing enthusiast with little sailing experience that wants to advance her or his skills alongside a professional skipper, the X-Yachting Center has been created to get you out there sailing. We provide the right X-Yachts boat and all the support you need, allowing you direct access to unlimited fun. Feel free to brush up on your sailing skills and explore Greece, a beautiful and very friendly sailing destination.

If you have no sailing experience and you just want to sit back and relax, you are equally on the right place. X-Yachting will create the ideal experience for you, adapting the route and the recommended activities, maximizing the good life factor.

Place your inquiry and our Booking team will guide you in the best way possible so you can make the most out of your experience.


The starting point of the charter is at the Olympic Marina, in Lavrio, Athens, Greece. A different start or end point is offered optionally as well as one way charters which can be offered on occasion.
Our Lavrio base is a 35min drive from Athens International Airport and we will be happy to organise all your local transportation. Within just a couple of hours of broad reach sailing from Lavrio you can access an endless paradise of islands with crystal clear waters, safe private anchorages, picturesque and friendly villages and unparalleled history.

Our sailing experiences usually start on Saturday mid-day and end on Saturday morning and can last for one, two, three or more weeks. Contact us with any specific route or date request you might have.


With over 35 years of experience the reason why X-Yachts has established enviable customer loyalty, can be summarized in one word – quality!

Starting with the large number of designers that really understand what a true sailing yacht should be, to the fanatical attention to detail, constant drive to innovation and build quality second to none, X-yachts truly stand in a league of its own.
X-yachts’ beautifully designed and expertly built sailboats provide Superb Sailing Pleasure!

The way X-yachts are designed and built really sets them apart from the competition.
No expenses are spared when it comes to the essential features and equipment in order for to ensure all models excel in key areas.


Any boat can sail well downwind with a decent sailplan and hull shape. The challenge for the Danish X-Yachts designers was to ensure a big smile on the face of the skipper at any time irrespective of the directions of sailing which are included in the route. From the first moment behind the helm you will realize X-Yachts has succeeded in making this a reality.
You will consistently experience two digit numbers in speed over ground when in broad reach with asymmetrical spinnaker and will be pointing incredibly high, with velocity-made-good unimaginable, compared to any other conventional yacht out there.


Who said that true sailing performance can only be achieved with plain and unfriendly interiors?
The design superiority of X-Yachts lies behind the vacuum infusion technology of the hull construction, the steel frame over the keel and the correct weight distribution of all the fittings. All these allow the inclusion of the necessary premium materials to create the feeling of staying at a five star hotel but on a boat.
The bed shown in the bow cabin is equipped with a mattress specially engineered by Tempur which ensures it adapts and supports your unique body perfectly.


There is a good choice of models and all of them in the range of 44-46ft with a 3 cabins 2WCs layout which proves ideal by delivering responsive sailing, safety for the whole family, easy handling and great comfort in the interior with large cabins and two fully independent toilets/showers.
With most options available as standard, like rod rigging, deep keel, carbon bowsprit, carbon steering, retractable bow thruster, full real teak on the whole deck, and a carefully engineered and very flexible sailplan – specifically engineered by top of the line Quantum Sails fully adapted to the local conditions these boats put a smile on your face from the first moment you step on them. Whether you’re looking for relaxed island hopping on a bareboat or skippered charter with your friends and family or you are doing a friendly one design flotilla race crossing the Aegean, your experience will remain unforgettable.


The 3 cabin layout, with two generously sized WCs/showers on a 46ft yacht delivers ample space everywhere, making life on board a truly relaxing experience. Ideally the yacht will comfortably accommodate 6 adults but if needs be can accommodate another two persons in the salon area and another two children or agile adults at the aft removable sea berths.

The well-proportioned salon provides the yacht with a spacious feel. The optimally placed handrails and furniture ensure it is always safe and easy to move around irrespective of the heel angle.

Everything in the interior is beautifully crafted in the well known all time classic X-yachts style.


The standard full teak -electrically foldable- bathing platform creates a perfect area for relaxing and provides easy access from the water or dinghy. This allows you to take full advantage of the swim stops and overnight stays on one of the endless safe anchorages of the Greek archipelago.

The cockpit space on board of all our models is not only designed to be functional and safe while at sea but also helps create a luxurious outdoor living space. The twin wheels and recessed mainsheet track ensure that the cockpit area is spacious and uncluttered.

A deck shower is fitted as standard. The high back-rests not only offer protection while at sea but also create a comfortable seating area on the fitted cockpit cushions


Laid real teak decks with seamless joints is added everywhere on deck. At the cockpit, swimming platform, side decks and coachroof and on all of our yachts.

Walking barefoot or lying down on real wood, makes you feel at home. Feeling the perfect temperature of the wood and great grip under your feet all while riding a head-turning beautiful yacht is an unforgettable experience.

Full teak is a feature hard to find on any other charter boat.


All models exemplify the 40 years of design experience of the Danish boat yard. These are boats that provide a sense of security, making you feel at ease to spend time on with your friends and family, even when the weather conditions are not ideal.

The vacuum infused epoxy, full sandwich hull saves important weight and maximises strength and stiffness. All saved weight is used to increase the yachts’ stability enabling the crew to have a more relaxed time and feel safer and more comfortable.

The frame is bolted to the inside of the hull and takes all the loads from the keel and mast. This keeps the yacht stiff, strong and safe. (In the same aspect the LED bulbs are encapsulated in a reinforced epoxy e-glass shell.)


Based in the well organized and optimally positioned Olympic Marina in Lavrio (a short 35’ drive from the Athens International airport) you find yourselves just two hours of broad reach sailing away from the crystal clear Cycladic beauty of the Aegean sea. This allows you direct access to fun sailing and beautiful destinations starting on the first day of your trip.

Your first stop could be for example the bay of Kolones in Kythnos island shown on the right. Following that, hundreds of Greek islands set the perfect arena for exhilarating sailing on all angles, easily creating round routes, with endless options for swim stops, delicious and friendly food places everywhere and picturesque villages with little ports to spend the night in, if you choose not to privately anchor in a wind protected bay. Each year you can choose a different route with the added benefit of the wind which offers perfect sailing conditions.


Carefully selected and trained, the X-Yachting Sailing Center team is committed to be by your side from the moment of the booking until you are back home in order to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

Open for a full nine months per year, March to November, the X-Yachting Sailing Center provides several high end services as standard, including well engineered sailing routes from day one, a 24/7 support service by phone or messaging with a local specialist, a high speed all weather emergency rib, which can get to you in no time. All these are accompanied by several add-on services like airport and city transfers, supplies provisioning, early check in, professional skipper services, electric outboard ultra-light engines and much more.


A team of carefully selected professional skippers is ready to be with you on board if you feel the need for one.
Apart from the full time skipper service for the whole week, we offer two additional options for the sailors who can handle the boat by themselves but wouldn’t mind some help on board as a backup solution or to have more time to freshen up on their sailing skills.
The first option is what we call a ‘Ghost Skipper’ meaning that a professional skipper will be with you for the whole charter period while letting you handle the boat by yourself if you prefer so, assuring safety and providing a backup solution if needed. After the end of the sailing day the skipper can optionally let you alone on board for the evening and night to enjoy your privacy and will meet you next morning for next day’s sailing fun.

The second option is the ‘Day One Skipper’, meaning that a member of the X-Yachting team will come with you on board just for the first passage on your first day of chartering, in order to have as much time as needed to familiarize yourselves with the boat.


Our chase boat is a legend. Can take you anywhere, anytime and in no time.

Up to 95% reduction in wave impacts when compared to deep “V” planing hulls. Greater on-board safety from significantly reduced slamming means true comfort and great flexibility in route planning.

As part of our tailored made X-Yachts Experience, our chase boat comes as an optional to your holidays, to maximize your privacy, eliminate any need for getting early to ports due to limited berthing availability, prolonging your day in secluded bays enjoying the Greek crystal clear water. Our rib connects you to all available nearby points of interests or your next destinations.

As a standard service our rib is a 24/7 safety layer of emergency service.


The X-Yachts Experience is often enriched with fine stays on land, before, after or during the trip. A collection of carefully selected boutique places on the Greek islands and mainland, come to complete the feeling of good life and supreme yachting pleasure.

Include a few words in your inquiry regarding your expectations regarding your stays or your wished activities when not onboard. X-Yachting team will help you get the most out of your time around the Greek islands, pointing out all the good places and activities and will help you create an unforgettable unparalleled holiday experience.


With 227 inhabited islands and 6000 islands scattered in the Greek seas overall the choices of where to go are practically unlimited. You can sail the area again and again for years and not arrive at the same places. Lots of people have done so, finally deciding to move over here on a permanent basis, even during the winter.

This is a big part of the reason Greece is not only seen as a very friendly country, with amazing beauty and excellent weather but as a ‘Lifetime Sailing Destination’